Creating Volume Discounts offers

When it comes to increasing your store's conversions, there's nothing better than a good ol' quantity discount, incentivizing your visitors, so the more they buy, the more they save. This is a core up-sell feature that any store should take advantage of, regardless of the vertical or products on offer.

💡 Got a question about our Upsell Offers? We have a list of frequently asked questions about our Upsell Offers that you can check here: Upsell Builder FAQs

Getting Started ⚡

Being one of the flagship upsell offers in the Vitals suite, the Volume Discounts upsell offer type is a highly versatile and reliable tool for increasing your store's revenue. This upsell offer is part of our Upsell Builder app.

💡 Vitals discounts can be applied from both Volume Discounts and other Vitals Upsell offers. If both apps are enabled simultaneously and applicable for the same products when added to the cart (conflicting rules), the higher total discount based on the final price from the two apps will be applied. Learn more.

The Volume Discounts upsell offer type is a powerful tool that can increase your revenue, incentivizing customers to add more products to the shopping cart, therefore increasing the average order size.

The most relevant description you can think of would be "Buy more, save more." The provided discount increases proportionally with the number of products a customer buys. A created Volume Discount is displayed on Product pages.

How to set up Volume Discounts in your store

To start creating Volume Discounts, simply click the Apps link on the Vitals sidebar (on your Shopify admin) and look for Volume Discounts under the Upsells category.

If you already have previously created Volume Discounts offers, you will see them listed. To create a new Volume Discount offer, click Create Volume Discount.

Creating a Volume Discount offer is now seamless thanks to the updated step-by-step upsell creation Wizard. Let us go through the steps:

  1. Product Eligibility - This step allows you to define which products are part of the upsell offer being created.

In this step, you can change it to the following options:

  • Any Product (Default) : This means that any product on your store are eligible for this Volume Discount upsell offer
  • Specific (Products or Collections): By selecting this option, you can choose which products and/or collections are eligible for this Volume Discount upsell offer.

Another option that you can enable/disable in this step is the " Offer discount for any eligible product bought". If you would like to have the Volume Discount to apply discounts to other products selected and not just the same product, you can check this option. (For example, buying Product A three times can provide the same discount of Product A + Product B + Product C if Products A, B and C are included)

Once you're satisfied with your choices, you can then continue to the next step - Discount Details.

  1. Discount Details - This next step helps you define the discount you would like this offer to have.

The Discount type determines how the discount would be calculated. There are two options:

Percent - The discount will be calculated according to the percentage of the total volume (ex. 2 pieces for 10% off, 3 pieces for 15% off, etc)

Fixed Price - The discount will be calculated by discounting a fixed amount per product within the offer (ex. 2 pieces for $5 off each, 3 pieces for $7 off each, etc)

The Discount tiers will then let you define different levels of discounts according to the required quantities. Setting up the Discount Tiers is one of the most vital parts, as you decide the discount you are willing to provide to push your customers to buy more.

💡 If you're going to use the Fixed Price Discount type, beware of using this type if you also sell low-priced products. You might end up selling them for free.

Please keep in mind that setting up the discount tiers is mandatory. If you don't set any discount tiers, the app will not be displayed.

  1. Appearance - In this step, you can control how and where you would like the Volume Discount offer to be displayed. This is divided into four sections:

Volume Tiers on the Product Page - In this section, you can change the settings of how the Volume Discount upsell offer appears on the product page. It also has the most settings out of the three:

Some of the settings here are self-explanatory, such as the colors and the texts. The Preview pane on the right side will show in real-time the changes that you make - which is highly convenient while you plan for the best upsell offer on your store.

One critical setting here that controls which design settings will become available is the Layout.

You can select a layout from the three available choices:

  • Includes variant selector - This layout allows visitors to select specific variants that will be included in the Volume Discount.

  • Badges with Multiple Themes - This provides graphical elements representing each Volume Discount group offer.

  • Two or Three columns - This provides the discount tiers graphically via an informative table.

💡 You can also enable/disable this section if you do not like the Volume Discount to appear on your product page, but would still like the upsell offer to be active for customers.

Showing the Tier0 (Quantity 1) Option (NEW)

By default, our Volume Discount upsell offer would only show the tiers with discounts, and will not show a tier for only one product (since a discount will not be applied for only one product).

If you enable this option, the Volume Discount upsell offer on the product page will have an additional tier for a single product like below:

With this option enabled, you can also change its setting if you would like to hide the Volume Discount's Add-to-Cart button and just use your theme's Add-to-Cart button instead.

Cart Suggestions on Cart Page - You can change the settings of how the upsell suggestion of this Product Bundle offer in the cart page appears:

💡 The Cart Upsell Suggestion will only appear on the cart page if only 1-2 products are left on the cart to complete the Volume Discount. For example, if you create a Volume Discount with two discount tiers - 2x of Product for 15% off and 6x of product for 35% off, the suggestion to add more to get the 35% off will only show if the product's quantity is either 4 or 5. If the quantity is only 2 or 3, the upsell suggestion will not be displayed yet.

Post Purchase on Thank you Page - You can enable this option if you would like to have an upsell suggestion that appears after the customer orders an eligible product from your store but has not ordered enough to qualify for a Volume Discount.

For more information about this upsell feature, we have a separate resource that you can go here: Displaying Post-Purchase upsell suggestions on the Thank You page

Pop-up on Add to Cart button [NEW] - You can enable this option if you would like your upsell offer to see this upsell offer pop-up when they click the Add-to-Cart button, according to the conditions set. When a visitor clicks the Add to cart button of the product but the quantity required in the defined discount tier is not yet reached, this pop-up will show up, letting the visitor add the same product to the cart but with the recommended quantity to achieve the defined discount tier defined.

Besides the standard color and text customizations, there are some important settings that are defined further below:

Show pop-up for any quantity

This is enabled by default. With this setting enabled, the pop-up upsell will always show up after a visitor adds a product to the cart, and there is a defined discount tier still available to be reached.

For example, if you created three discount tiers, and the visitor clicks the Add-to-Cart button, but the quantity added is still less than the 2nd discount tier, the pop-up will appear. If he then goes to add to the cart again and the resulting quantity is less than the 3rd discount tier, the pop-up will appear again.

When this setting is not enabled, the Pop-up will be shown only when the quantity added to the cart is lower than the first volume discount tier that offers a discount.

💡 This setting is enabled by default to continuously promote your enabled volume discount offers. This ensures that your visitors are always recommended the best offer possible.

Variant selector - This allows you to choose if you would like the Pop-up to show the variant selectors of each product to be added through this pop-up, or just use a single variant selector across all products, or do not display a variant selector at all.

Once you are satisfied with all your specified changes, the last step, Review provides its summary with additional final options before saving:

Various settings, such as making the Volume Discount immediately active on your store, the internal name of the Volume Discount (for proper identification if you will create multiple Volume Discounts), and the Cart label (how the discount will be labeled on the cart page if applied) can be changed here.

You can also go back to the previous settings from here if you want to.

Once done, click on the Save button, and you're all set!

Translating the app

If your store's language is not English, or your store is enabled to appear in multiple languages, our Vitals apps like the Volume Discounts have a Localization feature as well. For more information, you can refer to this article: Vitals translations on the storefront

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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