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Getting Started

Get your Vitals account set up in just 6 simple steps.

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Translate Vitals in any language.

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Vitals Instant Guides

Help Center Tidbits

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Billing & Charging

Learn more about our free trial and our plans.

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Priceless knowledge that help you get the best out of the apps.

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Back in Stock

Back in Stock app

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Email Marketing

Reduce cart abandonment and re-engage customers with professionally looking emails.

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Product Reviews

Easily collect, import and display reviews with photos.

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Push Marketing

Reduce cart abandonment and re-engage customers with Push Notifications.

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Size Chart

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Get insights about your customers' favorite products saved in their Wishlist.

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Upsell Builder

Create Upsell and Cross-sell campaigns to increase average order value and revenue.

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Visitor Replays

See how visitors are interacting with your store.

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Currency Converter

Provide real-time, automatic currency conversion based on your visitors' location.

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Shoppable Instagram Feed

Build social proof by displaying a gallery of Instagram posts with tagged products.

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Product Description Tabs

Upgrade the style of your product description to a tabbed one‎‎.‎‎‎‎

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Facebook Pixels

A highly versatile and reliable app for increasing the ROI of your Facebook ad.

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Spin the Wheel

Capture leads and offer discounts to boost conversions with this interactive pop-up.

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Boost your store's conversions by using pop-ups!

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Allow visitors to pre-order products that are out of stock or not yet released.

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Stock Scarcity

Increase sales by create a sense of urgency out of scarcity.

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Cart Notice

Create a sense of urgency for your visitors to finalize their orders.

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Countdown Timer

Activate FOMO to significantly increase a store’s conversion rate.

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Recent Sales Notifications

Show visitors what products others have bought from your store.

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Instant Search

Help your visitors navigate your store with ease.

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Shipping Information

Let your visitors know what to expect in terms of shipping costs and times.

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Related Products

Promote more of your products by showcasing related selections.

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Recently Viewed

Cross-sell is by displaying the products your visitors have recently viewed.

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Announcement Bars

A simple yet highly versatile app that can serve multiple purposes.

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Trust Seals & Badges

Increase your visitors' trust and catch their attention at the same time.

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Payment Logos

Build trust by letting your visitors know what payment methods you are accepting.

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All-In-One Chat

Allow your visitors to communicate with you through the usual channels.

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SEO Alt Tags

Easily improve your store's SEO by adding Alt-tags.

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Cookie Banner

Comply with the EU regulations by informing your visitors that you use cookies.

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Sticky Add to Cart

Make the Add to Cart button visible for your visitors at all times.

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Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Hide all the dynamic checkout buttons to ensure that discounts are applied.

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Agree to Terms Checkbox

Obtain consent before visitors start the checkout process.

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Geolocation Redirect

Redirect visitors from one local version of the store to another.

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Scroll to Top Button

Help your customers get back to the top of the page and see the purchase options.

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Quick Access Links

Quickly access your pages, product pages, collections, theme, etc., as an admin.

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Social Media Buttons

Let your visitors know that you are present on their social media of choice.

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Favicon Cart Count

Display the number of items added to the cart over the browser's favicon.

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Inactive Tab Message

Modify the browser tab's title when visitors navigate away from your store.

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Animated Add to Cart

Animate the add-to-cart button to help it stand out.

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Best Sellers Protection

Prevent competitors from snooping around for your best sellers.

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Content Protection

Make it really difficult for someone to copy your content.

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Auto External Links

Always open external links added to your store in a new browser tab.

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