Set Up The Pop-ups App

The Pop-ups app can serve multiple purposes. It can grab your visitors' attention, increase visitor retention when they try to leave your page, or offer incentives through discounts. It can even be used as a promotion tool for specific products or as a newsletter subscriptions email capture system!

The Pop-ups app is a versatile tool, which can definitely boost your store's conversions with a bit of careful planning and marketing strategies, so make sure to leverage the most of the app by setting everything up correctly:

Please keep in mind that having multiple pop-ups enabled on your store will result in them displaying, by rotation, when their conditions are met.

For example, having 3 different pop-ups that trigger every 5 page views will mean that one pop-up is activated, then after 5 page views, the next one, and so on.

Once all pop-ups are triggered, they will not be displayed again until the cool-off period passes (which can be adjusted in the app's settings).

Here's how to set up pop-ups in your store.

1. Creating a new Pop-up

You start by creating a new pop-up by clicking the Create pop-up button, which will display a 3 choice list for you to choose from: Lead Capture, Discount Capture, or Click-through.

  • Lead Capture - Non-incentivized request for customers to subscribe to the store's email newsletter.
  • Discount Capture - Incentivized Request for Customers to subscribe to the store's email newsletter in exchange for a discount code.

💡 Discount codes defined inside your Pop-up should be created on your Shopify store first via Shopify admin > Discounts.

In addition, Shopify discount codes can now be combined with automatic Vitals discount codes on order, using Shopify's Discount Combinations feature. More information about this and its requirements can be found here: Combine Shopify Discounts with Vitals Discounts in an Order

  • Click-through - Customizable announcement type template with Call-to-Action button.

2. Setting up your Pop-up

Once the pop-up is created, you can choose to change the name (which is only for you to see) and the trigger of the pop-up, which can either be  time-based (displaying the pop-up after a certain delay) or event-based (displaying the pop-up when a visitor intends to leave your page). 

    • On a desktop, this happens when the mouse cursor is moved fast toward the upper part of the window, outside the page viewport.
    • In contrast, this happens if the visitor scrolls up on mobile, which leads to the toolbar showing up.

3. Customizing your Pop-up

Your pop-up is now already good to go, but you can add some final touches to it, such as customizing the text, choosing a different theme, and adding the discount code (if applicable).

💡 While the other themes already have their associated colors within, if you choose the "Standard theme," you can change its colors according to the available color palettes below it.

Different color customizations for the "Standard" theme.

4. Additional settings for Pop-ups

Now your pop-up is fully configured. You can fine-tune the global settings for your pop-ups by adjusting the cool-off period or adding a CAPTCHA filter or translating the messages if needed. They can all be found inside the Pop-up app's Settings tab.

  1. Deactivating a Pop-up

If you would like to temporarily deactivate a Pop-up and use it for later, you can select the desired Pop-up in the list through its checkbox and select the Hide option in the menu (3-dots) that appears:

  1. Deleting a Pop-up

To permanently delete a Pop-up, simply select the desired Pop-up to be deleted on the list through its checkbox, and then select Delete in the menu (3 dots) that appears:

App not appearing on your store? The Vitals app might not yet be enabled on your Shopify Theme via the App Embeds section. For more information, you may go here: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does your Pop-up app have animations?

Our Pop-up app does not have integrated animations at the moment. However, we already have this on our suggestions list, and we'll definitely post an update on our Product Roadmap when we have updates about this feature.

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