Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

In order for all of the Vitals apps to work and appear on your store, you must enable the Vitals app from the Shopify theme editor under the App Embeds section first. This article contains the descriptive steps of how to enable the Vitals app within your theme editor.

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How to enable the Vitals app via App Embed settings

Below are the steps on how to do it:

On your Shopify Admin, click on your Online Store to see the currently published theme:
Click the " Customize" button on the currently published theme to open your Shopify Theme Editor:
Once the Shopify Theme Editor is opened, click on the App Embeds section on the left sidebar:
This will populate the list of apps installed on your store. Kindly look for our Vitals app, and enable it (click image below to enlarge):
Once the Vitals app is enabled, don't forget to click Save on the upper right side, and you are done! 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

I already enabled it via the App Embed section of my Shopify Theme Editor by enabling the switch. But the Vitals apps are still not appearing on my store. What's happening?

A couple of causes below can make the Vitals app to still not work after enabling it. Below are some of them:

  • After enabling the Vitals app via the App Embed section of your Shopify Theme Editor, ensure that the green Save button (on the upper right) is pressed as well to save the changes.
  • The app only works on published themes. If you enable the app on a non-published theme, the app will not show on that unpublished theme until you publish it.
  • After publishing a new theme, ensure that the Vitals app is also enabled on that theme editor's App Embed section.

If the app is still not showing up on your store even after enabling it via the App Embed section of your Shopify Theme Editor, contact our 24/7 support team. We're always glad to help!

Why do I need to switch to this? My app is working fine before.

Shopify is always striving to enhance the user experience of third-party apps when used in conjunction with Shopify themes, one of which is this change. This will not only increase the efficiency and reliability of our app but also ensure that your theme is minimally impacted by any app code. 

We're proud to say that from the beginning, our app already does not leave any active leftover codes upon uninstallation, and this new Shopify standard further improves it.

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