Setting up the Wishlist app

Why do we need a Wishlist application?

There are multiple reasons why customers would need a Wishlist app. If their favorite product or size is not in stock today, if they like the product but don't have the money today, or even if they plan their dear's birthday, these are all reasons to save a product in a Wishlist. 

There are also good reasons for you, as a merchant, to want to see what your visitors consider as favorites. Maybe the top-selling product is not the same as the top favorite product. The Wishlist is also a great instrument to re-engage your customers. Possible features on our to-do list for the Wishlist include: sending push and email notifications automatically when

  • The products are back in stock, or the opposite, when the product is close to falling out of stock.
  • The products are promoted with discounts.
  • enough time has passed to send a reminder about their favorite products

How does it work for your Customers?

All your customers need to do is find the Add to Wishlist button close to the Add to Cart button from the product page and click it. This will save their product on a new page, on your website, at: https://[domain]/a/page/wishlist

The customer's Wishlist is stored indefinitely on our side and backed up on the customer's machine in the form of a cookie. 

The products saved in the customer's Wishlist can be added to the cart directly from the Wishlist page or removed if they don't care about it anymore.

Note that the Wishlist page is integrated with the Pre-orders app, and the pre-order button will be displayed when the product has 0 stock but with the "continue selling when out of stock" option enabled. 

How to set up the Wishlist app as a merchant?

The moment you enable the app, there is no further mandatory configuration to be done. 

The text displayed on the storefront buttons should already be translated to your store's primary language (considering you use one of the 15 languages we have default translations for). Of course, you can customize the text for any language. You can also choose to show/hide the heart icon.

The Wishlist app's settings page also contains much information about the app's performance.

The Analytics Cards

These cards show you quick stats about the activities received by your store's Wishlist app.

These cards contain the following information:

  • Wishlists - The number of wishlists created
  • Products - The number of unique products that got added to wishlists by visitors
  • Total Value - Shows the grand sum of all products currently added to the Wishlist.
  • Average Wishlist - shows the average total amount of products added to the Wishlist per visitor.

The Top 10 Products tab

Here, you can see the top 10 products most added to the Wishlists, sorted in descending, starting from the most popular product. Product Variants are not considered for the calculation; only the main product is.

The Events tab

Here, you can see the products that were added to visitor Wishlists. This can provide greater insight into how many visitors to your store added to their wishlists (starting from the most recent to older additions) and also let you know which products were recently added to the Wishlist.

Since an account is not needed to be created by visitors to utilize the Wishlist app, they are assigned unique IDs with the Anonymous tag, and products added by the same Anonymous ID means that those are products added by the same visitor.

If the store has a functionality of account login features, however, their Customer ID will appear in the list instead.

The Settings tab

Even though the Wishlist app works immediately out of the box, there are settings that you can modify further to personalize how the app appears on your store.

The first set of settings is for the Wishlist page. With these settings, you can change the texts being used inside the page, or the colors within. You can also enable/disable the following options:

  • Show rating stars from Product Reviews - If this feature is enabled, any products added to the Wishlist that also have reviews from our Product Reviews app, the average rating (with stars) will appear below the product title.
  • Show the Add to Cart button - You can enable this option if you would like your visitors to directly add a product to the cart from the Wishlist page.
  • Redirect users to cart after adding an item to cart - By default, if a visitor adds a product to the cart from the Wishlist page, it will simply provide an "Added to Cart" message without leaving it. If this is enabled, the visitor will be redirected immediately to the cart page.

The second set of settings are for the Product page and the "My Wishlist" button. Besides the given options to change their colors, size, and overall text, important options can be found here such as:

  • Show Heart Icon - If disabled, the "Add to Wishlist" button will not have a Heart Icon
  • Go to My Wishlist Button placement - By default, the "My Wishlist" button is situated beside the "Add to Wishlist" button. This option gives flexibility by allowing you to place the "My Wishlist" button on your navigation menu (near the cart icon) for easier visibility and access.
💡 If you would like the "My Wishlist" link to be moved to a specific location on your menu, that is also possible. Kindly select the option " Nowhere. I will add the Wishlist button in my menu navigation" above.

With this selection, you would need to simply add a Menu Item to your preferred menu in the Shopify admin, write a label for the menu and enter the Wishlist URL from the storefront (the URL should look like this: [store_domain]/a/page/wishlist). This is a 2-minute manual procedure, explained in this Shopify tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When I click the Add to Cart button of a product inside the Wishlist page, I want to be transferred to the cart page. Is that possible?

This feature is available and can be enabled via the Wishlist app's settings:

Can I import the list of users who added products to their wishlist / Can I import Wishlist data from other apps to the Vitals Wishlist app?

We currently do not have this type of feature yet, but we are looking into it!

App not appearing on your store? The Vitals app might not yet be enabled on your Shopify Theme via the App Embeds section. For more information, you may go here: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

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