Creating a Spend Goal

How do you implement gamification without harming or devaluing your brand? The Spending Goal upsell offer provides the solution.

The Spending Goal campaign is primarily utilized to increase your Average Order Value (AOV). AOV varies depending on industry, clientele, country, and other factors, so make sure you are aware of your store's AOV. Shopify reports it under the Analytics menu in the Dashboards section. Keep the number in mind when creating your Goal campaign, and always set the goal slightly higher than your current AOV.

As part of the Upsell Builder app. Its goal is to increase your average order value through gamification. It can gamify the visitors' purchase experience by setting quests or missions, amplified through eye-candy graphics and catchy, customizable texts. 

When your gamification strategy works, you’ll trigger powerful human emotions like excitement, curiosity, and intrigue.

These emotions drive people to buy more, interact more, and remember your brand. You’ll have:

  • Better engagement 
  • Increased loyalty
  • Higher sales

It’s fully customizable for your brand and allows you to:

  • Put your customers in control, allowing them to increase their average order value.
  • Automate the process from your end.
  • Customizable in line with your brand and your customers.
  • Increase revenue through gamification.

💡 Got a question about our Upsell Offers? We have a list of frequently asked questions about our Upsell Offers that you can check here: Upsell Builder FAQs

How to set up upsell offers with a Spending Goal on your store

As previously mentioned, keep in mind the Average Order Value of your store before starting the setup.

To start creating the Spending Goal upsell offer, simply click the Apps link on the Vitals sidebar (on your Shopify admin) and look for Spending Goal under the Upsells category.

If you already have previously created Spending Goal offers, you will see them listed. To create a new Gift offer, click Create Spending Goal.

Creating a Spending Goal is now seamless thanks to the updated step-by-step upsell creation Wizard. Let us go through the steps:

  1. Product Eligibility - This step lets you specify which products are involved in your Spending Goal offer. If you are running a storewide discount if they reach a specific order amount, you can continue using the "Any Product" option.

    However, if you are looking to only provide this type of upsell offer if customers order specific products or collections, you may change this option accordingly.

Once you are done changing this setting, you may proceed to the next step - Discount Details.

  1. Discount Details - In this step, it provides you the details on how the discount will be applied. It consists of two values:
    • Spending Goal - The required amount (equivalent to your store's default currency) that an order needs to reach in order to get the discount.
    • Discount value - The discount that will be provided to the order once it reaches the spending goal. This can either be a percentage off the order, or a fixed amount.

Once done, you are now ready to adjust specific display settings of this offer. You may proceed to the next step - Appearance.

  1. Appearance - This step provides you different types of settings to update the look and feel of the Spending Goal. This step is divided into three sections:
    • Display

This is the section where you can decide on which pages the Spending goal floating widget will appear.

You can also change specific settings such as where it will slide out (either from the left or from the right) and its specific distance from the top of your page. You can see a quick preview of how it will look on the right.

    • Progress Bar Appearance

This section simply provides you options on how you would like the Spending Goal floating widget to appear. You can change the colors, the icon, and even the texture of the bar to further fit your brand.

    • Text Formatting

This final section allows you to change the text strings inside the Spending Goal. Depending on your store's branding, you can change them to have a more personal approach, or simply use them as is, as the app already provides the defaults for you to use.

You can even change the specific wordings to use when the customer's order is at 0% from the target, 1-99% from the target, and once the order reaches the target.

Once you are happy with all of your selections, you can proceed to Step 4 to review them.

  1. Review - This step summarizes all the options you selected from Step 1 - Product Eligibility. Should you decide to change them, you can go back to the specific step conveniently.

    In addition, other internal aspects like the internal name of the offer (to help you identify the upsell offers within the app), and its Cart label (the text that will accompany the discount of this offer).

    Lastly, once you're satisfied with your selections and ready to have this upsell offer active, simply change the Offer status to Active and publish the offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

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