Upsell Builder Overview

The Upsell Builder app is an all-in-one upsell app that allows you to build any kinds of upsell/cross-sell offer you can think of.

Here are the types of offers that you can create in the Upsell Builder app:

For more information about our different upsell offer types, you can refer to the resources below:

💡 Looking to have a specific upsell offer appear on your homepage? While our Spend Goal and Gift upsell offers can appear on any page on your store (since they are floating widgets), our Volume Discounts, Product Bundles, and Buy X Get Y upsell offers can only appear on the product page. For more information on which apps appear on other pages besides the Product page, you may refer here: Want to know if a Vitals app works on a specific page?

App not appearing on your store? The Vitals app might not yet be enabled on your Shopify Theme via the App Embeds section. For more information, you may go here: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

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