Displaying upsell suggestions in cart

Since Upsells are a big part of increasing your revenue and the average order size, you want to offer your customers as many chances to purchase more products as possible without being intrusive. Therefore, you can use the Cart Upsell Suggestions for the Volume Discounts, Product Bundles, and Buy X Get Y offers.

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Enabling for Volume Discounts and Product Bundles

This feature is enabled and visible by default. Still, you can easily enable the Cart Upsell Suggestions by going into each of your upsell offers' settings. It is found under Step 3: Placement. Below is an example of where to find it (Volume Discounts):

Once enabled, the Cart Upsell Suggestions will be displayed on your Cart page, under or next to the product, depending on the layout, based on the same rules you have set in

You can also adjust how the suggestion is formatted and what it says from the same section, using a combination of both static texts and dynamic tags.

Volume Discounts

Product Bundles

Enabling for Buy X Get Y

Enabling the Cart Upsell Suggestions for Buy X Get Y is similar to the Product Bundles & Volume Discounts above. However, the difference is that there are two suggestion formats you can modify, depending on how your discount is applied to the offer.

To be specific, there are 2 formats:

  1. If your promotion will offer a free product:

  1. If your promotion will offer a discounted product:

The text format of the suggestion will appear based on the % discount rate or amount. (ex. If the discount rate is set at 100%, template #1 above will be displayed. Otherwise, template #2 will be displayed.)

Please keep in mind that the Cart Upsell Suggestions will only be displayed on the cart page when:

  1. For Volume Discounts - the quantity required to add is equal to or less than the quantity already added in the cart.

    For example, for a group with a tiered discount starting from 4 products, the suggestion will show if only 2 or 3 products are in the cart, but not if only 1 product is in the cart. Suggesting to purchase up to 2x the quantity definitely makes more sense than advising to buy more than 2x the quantity.

  2. For Product Bundles - the condition is when only one product is missing from the bundle to receive the bundle discount. For example, from a bundle of 3 products (A + B + C), the suggestion will only be displayed if 2 products are already added to the cart, let's say A and B, and with C being suggested to complete the bundle to avail the discount.
  3. For Buy X Get Y - it's only when one product is missing from the group to receive the discount. For example, the suggestion will only be displayed if the trigger product (Customer Buys) is already added to the cart with the offer product (Customer Gets) being suggested to complete the offer and have the discount.

This feature is available for these 3 upsell offers. Suppose you choose to enable the Cart Upsell Suggestions for multiple discount offers (can be a combination of different discount offers, like Product Bundles, Volume Discounts, and Buy X Get Y) at the same time. In that case, the suggestion with the higher discount based on the actual discount price between the eligible discount offers will be availed if they all apply for the same products currently in the cart.

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