Set Up The Stock Scarcity App

Things that are rare, scarce, or in limited quantities are usually more valuable - and scarcity creates a sense of urgency - or more commonly known as Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). This is why with the Stock Scarcity app, you can help your visitors decide to purchase a product and not risk it becoming unavailable later!

Here's how to set up the Stock Scarcity app.

The Stock Scarcity app is very customizable and easy to set up.

Firstly, enable the app and choose the maximum inventory for which you want to display the app. You need to decide on an inventory threshold to use - all products/variants with an inventory smaller than that amount will display the app.

Please keep in mind that the Stock Scarcity app will always show the real inventory levels through the {{ stock }} tag, which retrieves the stock from Shopify's API, as Shopify doesn't allow fake information on its stores. Back in the summer of 2017, Shopify banned all apps that provided fake stock information or fake recent sales notifications.

Suppose you want to use the app on most of your products. In that case, you can choose to put a threshold of ~ 1,000 or more and add a general message like "Hurry, only a few in stock" so as not to show the real value of inventory. Still, you risk infringing on Shopify ToS, and it will look artificial if all product pages carry the same message. We highly recommend NOT doing this.

You can also customize the text that the app will display and its colors to fit your theme.

Finally, choose if you want to show the Stock Scarcity app when a product variant is out of stock and customize the text for it.

💡 Looking to have this app appear only on specific product pages? You can use the Module Filters section of the app to specify the product pages where you would like this app to appear. For more information, you can refer here: Displaying apps only on specific products using Module Filters

App not appearing on your store? The Vitals app might not yet be enabled on your Shopify Theme via the App Embeds section. For more information, you may go here: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

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