Displaying featured reviews on the homepage as Cards/List

💡 Want to display your reviews as a Carousel? You can display your selected reviews in a Carousel behavior easily. For the steps on how to do this, you can proceed here: Displaying the Product Reviews as a Carousel

With the Product Reviews app, besides displaying it as a Reviews Carousel, you will be able to display a Featured Reviews section on your homepage containing the best reviews across your store by following these easy steps:

1. Go to the Reviews section of the Product Reviews app.

2. Select any of your products that have reviews from the list to see their reviews.

3. Tick the left box for each review you want to feature. You can select up to 100 reviews at a time.

4. Once reviews are selected, a small floating window appears near the bottom. Click on the three dots inside that window, and select "Mark Featured" to mark the selected reviews as Featured.

5. You're almost there! You are now done with the first major step. Once you're done selecting your best reviews by tagging them as Featured Reviews using the steps above, you can now display the Featured Reviews section itself on your homepage by following the tutorial here: How to change an app's placement.

💡 The Featured Reviews section for the homepage is hidden by default. You will need to follow the tutorial in the link provided above to change this section's placement on your homepage.

☑️ Looking to have the featured reviews be displayed on its own, dedicated page instead? You may refer here for the steps: Displaying featured reviews on a dedicated page

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