Using the Shopify Theme Editor to change Vitals app locations

With the advent of the OS 2.0 feature of Shopify, placement of Shopify apps has now become easier!

For a more customized look, most of our Vitals apps can now be inserted from your theme's own editor, provided that your store's theme is already integrated with Shopify's OS 2.0 feature.

Here's how to do it, using Shopify's Dawn Theme (The steps will be similar to other themes, as long as they are OS 2.0 Compatible):

  1. From your Shopify admin, click on Online Store > Themes:

This should show you the currently published theme. 

  1. From there, look for your published theme and click on Customize:

  1. You will be brought to the Shopify theme editor. From here, there are two ways you can insert our Vitals apps:

a.Click on Add Block on any section where you would like the Vitals app to be placed, and search our Vitals app from there:

b. Depending on your theme's editor, a section called Apps may be present. You can then search for some of our Vitals app from there by searching the word Vitals:

  1. You can also do these actions on the Product Page Type, with even more Vitals apps to choose from:

  1. You can even drag-and-drop these placed Vitals apps for a more custom location.

💡You may need to check your theme's Support Page or Help Center for more information on how to use their native theme editor, and if the theme is OS 2.0 Compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I remove the Vitals app from my Shopify theme editor?

Depending on your theme, the Shopify theme editor can let you remove blocks or sections where the Vitals app is inserted. Here's a great Help Center article from Shopify on how to do it from most themes: Shopify Theme Editor - Removing Sections

I am seeing the Vitals apps load on my live store, but I'm not seeing these apps on my Shopify theme editor. What's going on?

This normally happens when the specific Vitals apps got enabled first, before inserting these apps manually inside your Shopify Theme Editor. When a Vitals app is enabled, it will be shown immediately on your live store through its default locations. This placement is done by our Vitals app.

However, our apps cannot be placed automatically inside your Shopify Theme Editor. This is because our whole Vitals app does not inject any code into your theme files upon installation except the main Vitals script itself.

Therefore, if a Vitals app is enabled, it will show right away on the live store according to its default location. If you would like to have its location changed, you would need to insert this particular app first into your Shopify Theme Editor using the instructions above.

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