Setting up the Product Description Tabs app

If your product descriptions are long, or they include large blocks of text that spread across multiple collections or items, you might consider upgrading the style of your product description to a tabbed one.

This way, you can keep your customers focused on a specific part of the product description while helping them navigate and quickly discover other vital bits of information such as:

  • ingredients or technical specs
  • instructions
  • shipping & returns
  • size chart
  • Q&A’s

💡 Kindly note that your product page should have a description section for the app to properly work. The Product Description Tabs app converts your product page's description section into a tab system. If your product page doesn't have a description, the Product Description Tabs app may not appear.

There are 3 types of tabs that you can use on your product pages, usually a mix of them at the same time.

💡 Looking to have this app appear only on specific product pages? You can use the Module Filters section of the app to specify the product pages where you would like this app to appear. For more information, you can refer here: Displaying apps only on specific products using Module Filters

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this app have the function to display a part of the description first with a "View More" link that can show the full description?

Our Product Description Tabs app divides and organizes the contents of your product description into different tabs, each with their respective titles. While we do not have that expanding description with a "View More" link yet, we have this on our suggestions list, so stay tuned!

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