Creating Dynamic Tabs

Dynamic tabs are generated automatically based on the content of your product description. They are usually used for bits of information specific to various products, such as ingredients, materials, and tech specs.

Creating dynamic tabs is easy:

  1. Decide on a heading type you want to use as a separator that will also contain your tabs' name. The Description Tabs' default option is H4, and you can use anything else (H3, H5, etc.). Also, you can choose the tab orientation and the theme you like.

  2. Edit your product description in Shopify and create a subtitle after the description, and above the section, you want to be displayed in a different tab. Then select the subtitle, apply the heading and save the product. Please make sure you choose only the subtitle, not the content after it.

That's it. You have a dynamic tab created. You can do the same for all your products with specific ideas you want to present in separate tabs.

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