Product Description FAQs

What if I only want horizontal tabs?

Our app automatically switches between standard, horizontal tabs and vertical ones, accordion-style. It all depends on the product description container width. If we can place all the tabs in a horizontal layout, we'll do it. Otherwise, we'll need to switch to vertical ones.

How do I add the same tab for each product?

You can do this by creating a static tab following these instructions. This way, you can display the same information on every product page or on the products you select under the "Visibility" field.

Why are the Description Tabs not working?

When merchants contact us about this, it's usually the same issue in 90% of the cases. The merchant either already has a Tabs feature enabled in the theme or used to have a Tabs app installed on their storefront that modified their theme and left snippets of code after being uninstalled.

If that's the case, we are more than happy to help you remove the leftover code.

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