Set Up The Content Protection App

If this hasn't yet happened to you, it doesn't mean that it won't. Just wait until you get some traction. Or, better yet, make sure you take proactive measures using the Content Protection app in Vitals.

This app will make it really difficult for someone to copy your content by:

  • disabling right-click on text and images
  • disabling text selection using the mouse or the **ctrl + a** keyboard shortcut.
  • disabling dragging & dropping on your images and text
  • disabling common shortcuts such as:
    • copy CTRL + C
    • cut CTRL + X
    • view source CTRL + U
    • save CTRL + S

You will still be able to do all of the above as long as you enable the option to " Disable above protections when you are logged in the Shopify Admin." Please make sure you follow these instructions so Vitals can see that you are logged into your Shopify admin.

However, like with our Best Sellers Protection app, you should know this is not a bullet-proof solution. A developer, for example, might stop our app from running in their own browser and have access to all your content. They can also use the Chrome Developer Tools to get the image links. Another method is to save the page's HTML from the browser's menu. Shopify's APIs can also be utilized to access your products. There are countless ways for a developer to do this.
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