Set Up The Related Products App

Having a Related Products showcase section on your product page is an excellent way of displaying and promoting more of your products. Think of it as an easy way of cross-selling and giving a lot more visibility to your products that your customers would otherwise not so easily find.

While the app is good to go right out of the box, it also offers a lot of flexibility and fine-tuning options to fit your promoting strategy best. You can let the app showcase related products, or you can create handpicked selections of your products using either Individual Product Sets or Global Product Sets.

How to set up Related Products in your store?

Right away, the moment you enable the Related Products app, it will start working on your product page without requiring any additional settings.

However, there are still a few things you can customize from the general settings of the app, such as the title of the section, its alignment, whether to show or not the variants selector and the Add to Cart Button and, most important, the selection method of the products.

In terms of recommendations, there are a few ways to decide what products to recommend as "related":

  • Match products based on collection;

    Remember that products can be added to multiple collections, so you might see a sweater recommended for a phone case if they're both added to the same "New entries" collection.

  • Create individual product sets - basically deciding what products are truly related and adding them to a group - this works best if you have a few best-sellers and you want to customize their related products to the max;
  • Create a global product set - products selected here will be shown as "related" for all the products - this is best when you add a great product to your inventory, and you want to make sure it gets the best visibility.

💡 Looking to have this app appear only on specific product pages? You can use the Module Filters section of the app to specify the product pages where you would like this app to appear. For more information, you can refer here: Displaying apps only on specific products using Module Filters

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