Email Marketing App FAQs

How many emails can I send with this app?

There are no limits to the number of emails you can send to your subscribers in your subscribers list. However, each Vitals subscription plan has a maximum number of subscribers that can be stored to receive the emails. For more information on the different Vitals subscription plans and their respective maximum number of subscribers, you may refer to our Vitals Pricing plans page.

Please note that the maximum number of subscribers allowed for your active plan does not refresh periodically. Once it reaches the maximum number, you can either explore the higher Vitals subscription plans or remove other subscribers to make room.

Can the emails being sent by the Email Marketing app be translated when received?

The Email Marketing app currently does not have a Translation feature. The content that is placed inside the body of the email via the Email Template editor is going to be received by the recipients exactly as how it is written.

The emails I created don't look great when opened on a device under Dark Mode.

Dark Mode, now available in many email platforms/clients, presents a challenge for email designers. Email platforms control the colors used in Dark Mode, leading to potential variations in how the emails built using our Email Builder appear when opened. Since it depends on the email platform, the colors used might be different when viewed with these email clients. We recommend choosing colors that appear well on both regular and dark modes.

Does the Email Marketing app work when the customer abandons the cart page?

The Email marketing app does not work with Abandoned Carts at the moment. Since the email address is only entered by customers on the Checkout page (when they order), we can only send the Abandoned Checkout email once the checkout phase was abandoned by the customer.

💡 Note that the Cart Page is different from the Checkout page.

I only want to send one email to a customer when they abandoned the checkout - I don't want to send additional emails. How can I disable the others?

By default, the different automation in the Email Marketing app can send up to three emails to the same recipient, with specific intervals in between. To disable the other messages inside a specific automation, simply set those messages to Inactive like below:

I read online about Google and Yahoo's new DMARC requirements. As storeowners, is there something that we need to do to our store on our end?

Don't worry. Since the Email Marketing app is sending emails to your recipients via our own server (and not through your store's domain), our server is compliant with this as we already have a DMARC policy in place. So, there's no action needed on your end here as far as our Email Marketing app is concerned.

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