Email Marketing app activated but not sending emails?

Email Marketing app already enabled but is not sending emails to your visitors? Consider checking the possible reasons below:

General Reasons

  1. Check if the appropriate Email Marketing app Automation is enabled.

Though the Email Marketing app is already enabled, the specific automation/s need to be enabled as well, depending on what you are looking for.

For more information about the Email Marketing app and its different types of automation, refer to our Help Center here: Set up the Email Marketing app

  1. Shopify adding the email address to your Subscribers list from Shopify admin > Marketing might be delayed.

Once an email address is captured correctly by your store while the Vitals Email Marketing app is enabled, it will be added to your Shopify admin > Customers. However, there are instances where there is a delay by Shopify in adding the visitor's email address to the Customers list (even if our app is not enabled). In the case of Abandoned Checkouts, it will also be added by Shopify on Shopify admin > Orders > Abandoned Checkouts.

Our Email Marketing app only triggers the specific automation once the subscriber is added to the Customers list. For example, if the visitor enters his email address (to subscribe to your mailing list) in the footer of your store's theme, Shopify should add that email address to the Customers list. Once it's added, our Email marketing app will detect that and trigger the "Welcome" automation, sending the corresponding email set up within, depending on the duration set.

You can test this on your end by adding your own email address to your store's email signup forms and see how long the email address is added to Shopify > Customers.

  1. Another email marketing feature is enabled and sends the email besides our app.

Though not exactly a conflict, this may cause unexpected confusion to your visitors.

If you have another email marketing feature enabled (either from Shopify itself or from other apps), the visitors may receive emails from those services and from our Vitals Email Marketing app at the same time when they sign up. You may consider disabling them if you would like only the Vitals Email Marketing app to send emails to visitors that signed up.

  1. The double opt-in feature of Shopify Marketing is enabled.

Shopify recently rolled out a double-opt-in feature related to emails sent out from their platform. What this setting does is that before it sends visitors timed emails by any source from Shopify, an initial email will be first sent to the visitor's inbox, asking for agreement/consent.

Once the visitor agrees and "opted-in", he will then start receiving emails. For more information about this double opt-in feature and how to enable/disable it, you may refer to Shopify's Help center here: Shopify Help Center - Enable double opt-in for subscribers

  1. The Email Marketing app's subscriber list might already be full.

Depending on your chosen plan, the maximum number of email subscribers for our Email Marketing app might have been reached. This does not refresh periodically, and you may consider exploring our other Plans if you are looking to increase the maximum number of subscribers or delete old subscribers to give room.

  1. The email address might be invalid or doesn't exist.

The email address that the visitor entered might be a non-existent email address, resulting in our app not effectively sending it. Our app only acquires email addresses stored in your Shopify admin > Customers list.

  1. The email address has an issue.

Even though the email address was properly listed on your Shopify admin > Customers list and is a valid email, the email address itself might have an issue. Some issues that an email address might have is an inbox error (usually if the email inbox is already full and cannot receive any new emails) or the email server/email address being part of a domain that is banned, as most likely involved with verified spam-related content.

Automation-specific reasons

Abandoned Checkout Email Automation

  1. The visitor might have not checked the "Email me with marketing offers" option during Checkout.

In order for the Abandoned Checkout Email Automation to work once activated, the customer needs to enable the option "Email me with news and offers", right below the email address captured during checkout:

If the customer leaves the Checkout process, but he did not enter an email address and/or this option is unchecked, the Abandoned Checkout Email Automation will not trigger.

💡 This option can be set to be prefilled automatically. We recommend checking your region's privacy laws first before enabling this option for legal and privacy reasons. For more information on how to enable this feature, refer to Shopify's Help Center here: Shopify Help Center - Collect contact information from customers

  1. The visitor might not have left the checkout on the correct step (for Legacy Shopify Checkouts only)

Shopify is recently rolling out one-page checkouts for Shopify stores. With the one-page checkout, visitors can go through the whole checkout process in just one page, instead of the standard 3-page process (Contact and Address Information page > Shipping Page > Payment Page).

With the new one-page checkout system, the customer's email address will be added to your Shopify admin > Customers list as long as it satisfies the following requirements:

  • A valid email address is entered,
  • the "Email me with news and offers" is checked,
  • and the customer closes the Checkout page.

If your store still uses the legacy Shopify Checkout process that consists of three pages, the email address will only be added to your Customers list if they close the checkout during the Shipping Page step (Step 2).

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