What happens to an order with a Vitals discount if I enter a manual discount code?

Currently, how our Vitals Upsell Builder app applies the discount on a customer's order is through an automatically generated discount code. This means that if an order consists of products that are part of an active Vitals upsell offer, our upsell algorithm will automatically calculate how much the total discount of the order is when the customer checks out. That total discount amount is then transformed into an automatically generated discount code (the discount code from Vitals starts with the pattern " VT_#########")

If your store has an option for customers to enter a separate discount code, (ex. providing them a discount code after they signed up for your store's newsletter), and the order already has the Vitals discount applied, please be advised that Shopify only allows one discount code per order. This means that when that manual discount code is entered while our Vitals discount code is applied, it may be overwritten, but it depends on several factors, as explained below:

If the discount code entered provides a discount amount that is lower than the discount amount generated by Vitals, it will not replace the Vitals discount code, and Shopify will provide a warning message, like below:

However, if the discount code entered yields a discount amount that is higher than the discount amount generated by Vitals, the Vitals discount code will be overwritten, and Shopify will provide an informative message, like below:

And lastly, if the customer decided that he does not want that manual discount code to be applied to the order anymore and removes it, our Vitals discount will be added again automatically.

Hope this helps! 😊

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