If multiple discounts are applicable, which discount will be applied?

Unlike apps from different app developers that will not work together and would likely enter into conflict, our upsell apps can work together flawlessly. For this reason, when the cart page loads, we send our server the cart contents for our algorithm to crunch the data and make the best decision. This best decision is based on 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1: Only one type of discount can be applied to products in the cart.

Let's consider an example where you've created custom bundles for a few of your products.

When they're added to the cart, the algorithm will identify that 2 bundles are available in the cart, providing a combined discount code (Shopify will only allow a single one).

Scenario 2: When multiple discounts apply to a product.

Just like you, we've built Vitals to be customer-centric. When a product can be included in multiple combinations of bundles or volume discounts, our algorithm will always provide the customer with the highest discount based on the actual price.

Take, for example, this bundle.

When it's added to the cart, the $3.67 discount will be shown there.

However, when the quantity is increased for the t-shirt, the discount jumps to $8.42, as the t-shirt is eligible for a volume discount of 20% for 2+ items purchased.

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