Configure The Free Shipping Smart Bar

You can use this bar when you want to offer free shipping based on the shipping rules you set in your Shopify account here.

💡 When creating shipping rules in Shopify, ensure that the currency used is the same default currency on your store. Our Shipping Information app uses the default currency on your store as the base currency when it shows the price to the visitor's currency.

Once you have properly set up your store's free shipping rules and you created your Free Shipping Bar inside the Announcement Bars app, don't forget to sync your created free shipping rules to our app using the given button:

Once synced, our Free Shipping Bar should properly appear according to their defined locations and order amount rules.

You can also make additional customizations through its settings, like the Initial message, Progress message, and message if the goal was achieved:

And lastly, you can choose the theme or colors that you would like to be used by the Free Shipping Bar, together with your desired positioning:

💡 The app automatically retrieves the shipping rates from your Shopify admin and displays the bar according to them. Also, the app uses geolocation, so depending on the visitor's location, the message will be different, according to the shipping rates.

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