Set Up The Pre-orders App

You can easily increase revenues by allowing visitors to pre-order products that are either out of stock or not yet released. In doing so, your products are never unavailable, and your customers always have the option to purchase their desired products!

Making your products continuously available for purchase, even when out of stock, is highly important for your store's conversions and your visitors' satisfaction.

Here's how to set up Pre-Orders on your store:

Once enabled, the Pre-orders app will start working on your store right away. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, as they are explained below.

Three conditions need to be met for the app to be displayed:

  • The option to Track Quantity needs to be enabled so the stock levels can be tracked.
  • The product needs to be out of stock. So the actual inventory in Shopify needs to be 0 or below.
  • You need to make sure this setting is enabled: **Continue selling when out of stock** . You will find it here after clicking on a specific product.

Please keep in mind that if both conditions are met, the Pre-orders app automatically changes the Add to Cart (or Sold Out) button to a Pre-order button, and orders will be tagged as Pre-orders in both your Shopify Admin as well as the cart page.

You can also fine-tune how the button will look, the pre-orders message, and how the pre-orders are tagged. Furthermore, you can label the pre-orders in Shopify to help you manage them by checking the  Tag pre-orders in Shopify option.

The Individual Product Settings section of the app is not a requirement. This doesn't mean that you have to add the products you want pre-ordered manually. Instead, it only offers you the option to display custom messages for individual products. The app will apply the pre-order functionality to any products that meet the 2 conditions above regardless if they're manually added in that section or not.

This is how everything will look once it is set up:

Product page

Additionally, for this app, you can decide which products to display the app using the Module Filters section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the Pre-Orders app identify and only work on product inventory according to a specific location?

No. The Shopify storefront component computes inventory levels by adding up inventory from all locations, so the Pre-Order app can't function correctly in this scenario.

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