How to show pre-order notes in the order confirmation email?

To also display the Pre-Order notes in the Order confirmation email, reminding your customers that some of the products they order will be shipped soon, please follow these steps:

  1. Edit your Order confirmation template by accessing this link.
  2. Find in page (using ctrl+f or cmd+f depending on your operating system) this string: order-list__item-variant - basically you'll be able to find much quicker this code snippet:

    {% if line.variant_title != 'Default Title' %}
      <span class="order-list__item-variant">{{ line.variant_title }}</span><br/>
    {% endif %}
  3. Right after that code snippet, please paste this code snippet:

    {% unless == empty %}
      {% for property in %}
    	  <span>{{ property.first }}: {{ property.last }}</span><br />
      {% endfor %}
    {% endunless %}

If you try to preview the Order confirmation email, it will not show the change, as the products that show up in the preview don't have any properties attached to them. You can test the implementation by creating a 100% discount code and using it when you pre-order a product through a normal checkout flow (not via a draft order). The result should look like below.

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