Set Up The Recent Sales Notifications app

One of the best ways to increase your visitors' trust is by using the Recent Sales Notifications app. Social proof is one of the main drivers of trust in a product or brand, and you can easily increase that by displaying notifications that show how other customers have already bought products from your store!

With a variety of layouts to choose from, as well as plenty of fine-tuning options, the Recent Sales Notifications app is fully customizable, and it will catch your visitors' attention and increase trust!

If your store is brand new and does not have any orders, the Recent Sales Notifications will not show orders by default, but will instead show Add-to-Cart events instead. Zero-value orders (with 100% discount) are also not considered to prevent creating confusion for your visitors!

Here's how to set up Recent Sales Notifications on your store:

Setting up the Recent Sales Notifications app is not at all problematic. However, it comes with a broad set of options, so you can fine-tune the way it works to fit your needs.

First, you need to start by going to the Timing Settings section and configure the notifications' timings.

You will then need to configure the Add to Cart Events section by choosing if you want to show add to cart events and grouped add to cart events. Then configure the minimum number of add to carts for group notifications and the add to cart group notification template.

You can then customize it more according to how far you would like the app to show your store's orders.

By default, the app takes the orders starting with the most recent and then creates recent sales notifications for each order line item, moving towards orders older than one day. This can then be customized inside the Other Settings section:

With the setting above, order events that are older than the number of days you enter above will still appear, but will not show the date in the notification.

You can also hide orders before a set number of days. This can be done in the setting below:

Any orders that were made before the number of days entered above will not be shown by the app. This is very helpful as very old orders may not provide your visitors with your current popular products.

Finally, you can fine-tune other details, like choosing to show customer names or show the visitor's location, inside the Other Settings section.

The app takes the orders starting with the most recent and then creates recent sales notifications for each order line item, moving towards the very first order ever made in your store. Of course, the app will not show notifications of products with certain order IDs or product IDs excluded through the Hide for some products and orders setting in the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of my orders are not yet fulfilled. Is the Recent Sales Notifications app going to show unfulfilled orders?

Yes, that is correct. All orders count and will show as long as they are made recently. By default, orders made within the last 30 days are seen, but this can be changed according to the number of days set in the "Don't show events older than" setting.

My store has recent orders, but I also set the app to also show Add-to-Cart events. Are orders going to show up first?

Yes, that is correct. The order events have priority over the Add to Cart events (if enabled), so all the order events from the selected period will be displayed, and the Add to Cart events will follow afterward.

If my store is fairly new and therefore has no orders, can I still use this app?

Absolutely! If a store is detected as new, our Recent Sales Notifications app has the "Add to Cart events" enabled by default. This way, visitors that are adding products to the cart (without needing to complete the order) will be shown by the app instead. This can be disabled in the app's settings if you like.

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