Set Up The Trust Seals & Badges App

Looking for a way to increase your visitors' trust and catch their attention at the same time? Well, look no further! Using the Trust Seals & Badges app, you will be able to display high-quality badges and seals on your store, which will help elevate your store to the next level!

With a variety of layouts to choose from, as well as plenty of fine-tuning options, the Trust Seals & Badges app is fully customizable and will fit perfectly with any theme.

How to customize the Trust Seals & Badges

With only a few clicks, you can fully customize the Trust Seals & Badges to best fit your theme and your store's appearance by following these easy steps:

1. First, you will select a Style.

You will have 8 different layouts to choose from - all custom-made from scratch!

2. Then, you can select which badges you would like to display.

It is best to have up to 4 badges, so there's enough room to fit. However, you can choose as many as you wish.

Below is a list of our available trust seals and badges, all dependent on the style you chose. (and new ones being added regularly):

  1. Lastly, you can fine-tune how you want the badges to look.

You can choose the Color, Alignment, text above the badges, and the size of the badges as well to fit your store's theme.

💡 Looking to have this app appear only on specific product pages? You can use the Module Filters section of the app to specify the product pages where you would like this app to appear. For more information, you can refer here: Displaying apps only on specific products using Module Filters

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