Displaying featured reviews on a dedicated page

We've already shown you how to display Product Reviews on the homepage, but you should know that the same featured reviews can also be displayed on a dedicated page like this:

Please follow this guide to mark reviews as featured:

1. Go to the Reviews section of the Product Reviews app.

2. Select any of your products that have reviews from the list to see their reviews.

3. Tick the left box for each review you want to feature. You can select up to 100 reviews at a time.

4. Once reviews are selected, a small floating window appears near the bottom. Click on the three dots inside that window, and select "Mark Featured" to mark the selected reviews as Featured.

5. Once you're done selecting your best reviews, you can now enable the Happy Customers page in the Product Reviews app's Settings section. This can be done by going to the Settings tab of the Product Reviews app, and ticking the option Activate the Happy Customers Page with featured reviews under the Happy Customers Page section:

Within that section, you can also modify basic settings such as the Page Title, the Page Description, your desired layout of the reviews, and if you would like to have the rating bars displayed. You can also set the number of reviews that will be displayed first before the "See More Reviews" button is clicked.

Once it is enabled, it will provide you with its own direct link to the page, located within that section. Below is an example of how the direct link will look (example below shown with our Vitals Demo store, but it automatically changes according to your store's URL).

The next step is to add this link to your store's menu. Since this involves modifying your store's menu via your Shopify settings, here's a tutorial from Shopify detailing this:

💡 Make sure you add the link to your menu exactly how it is written, using HTTPS, and not HTTP.

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