Setup the 'Hide Dynamic Checkout Buttons' app

To ensure that discounts are applied according to your orders, you should hide all the dynamic checkout buttons on your storefront. This app helps hide the dynamic checkout buttons from the product pages and the cart page of your Shopify storefront.

Customers can use the dynamic checkout buttons to skip the cart and quickly buy the product they're viewing. Shopify lists some compatibility issues:

Dynamic checkout buttons might conflict with certain apps. If you use [apps that interact with the cart], then dynamic checkout buttons might not be compatible with your online store.

The most significant side effect is that the upsell apps cannot apply the discount to checkout.

Enabling this app can help create a smooth checkout flow for your visitors, as they'll get the chance to land on the cart page and visit the Shopify standard checkout without bypassing it.

The dynamic checkout buttons will not be hidden from the checkout as Shopify apps cannot run in that location.

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