Set Up The Countdown Timer App

Similar to scarcity, urgency has been proven to be a powerful tool for boosting e-commerce sales. For customers, it rapidly activates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), which in turn can significantly increase a store’s conversion rate.

With the Vitals Countdown Timer app, it can show a timer counting down on your product page - providing a sense of urgency. The Countdown Timer app can also be customized further according to your desired behavior.

💡 Here's an A/B test that shows how the conversion rate of a landing page that included a countdown timer was three times higher than the one of an identical page which didn't mention this information!

Getting Started ⚡

Before enabling the Countdown Timer app, the first setting that you would need to verify is the Countdown Timer End Date option. There are two settings that you can choose from here - Fixed End Date or Evergreen:

If you choose Fixed End Date, this means that the Countdown Timer app will countdown to the end-date and time that you will place here, according to your store's timezone. You can use this if you want to inform visitors that you have an ongoing sale that is going to run until your specified date.

If you choose Evergreen, the Countdown Timer app will display a randomly generated expiration date for each visitor and each product within the set Minimum expiration deadline and Maximum expiration deadline.

Once the timer runs out for a visitor, he will not see the Countdown Timer app again on the product pages he is viewing according to the set Cool off period.

Once the Cool off period passes, the visitor will see the Countdown Timer app again.

You can then go down further the app's settings to fine-tune additional details:

  • Only show the countdown timer for products that are currently discounted - Since the Countdown Timer app's purpose is to provide a sense of urgency to customers, the app will only appear on products that have a sale price by default. Should you like to have the Countdown Timer app appear on all products in the store (including regular-priced products), you can untick this option.
  • Theme - Choose from our available themes to better fit your brand:

  • Align - The overall alignment of the app (Left, Center, Right)
  • Sale ending message - You can customize the message on top of the Countdown Timer app.
  • Show milliseconds - Tick this box if you would also like to see the milliseconds in the app.

💡 Looking to have this app appear only on specific product pages? You can use the Module Filters section of the app to specify the product pages where you would like this app to appear. For more information, you can refer here: Displaying apps only on specific products using Module Filters

Countdown Timer FAQs

I enabled the Countdown Timer app but it is not appearing on the store.

The most common reason for this issue is that the products on the store might not be on sale. By default, the Countdown Timer app will only appear on products that are discounted (have a crossed-out price). If you want the Countdown Timer app to appear on non-discounted products as well, uncheck the option "Only show the countdown timer for products that are currently discounted" in the Countdown Timer app's settings.

If I chose the "Fixed End Date" option, in which timezone will the app be based on?

It will be based on your store's timezone, and will also be displayed as additional information while you change the start and end dates:

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