Set Up The Cart Notice App

Just like our Stock Scarcity or Countdown Timer apps, the Cart Notice app is a simple app that can have a massive impact on your store's orders. It creates a sense of urgency for your visitors to finalize the order and not let the products they added to Cart expire!

💡 Depending on your store's Customer Privacy settings, this app may not appear for your selected visitors until they provided their consent. For more information about this, you may refer here: Consent requirements for various apps

The Cart Notice app will work out-of-the-box, as no unique setup is needed in advance. However,

you can customize it to fit your store's design.

The Cart Notice app already have default settings that will be used when immediately enabled. However, you can customize these contents to fit your store's messaging. Below are some settings of interest that you can modify:

  1. Background and Text Colors
  2. Cart notice title
  3. Secondary Text - This text will appear in the second line of the Cart Notice app.
    • Another feature of the Secondary text is the option to include a countdown timer within, simply by using the {{ counter }} placeholder in your text.
    • Once the {{ counter }} placeholder is placed, an additional setting will appear, letting you customize the duration of the timer (default is set to 10 minutes):

💡 The Countdown Timer setting will only show when you use the {{ counter }} placeholder. If you removed the {{ counter }} placeholder inside your Secondary text, it will only show that message, and there will be no countdown timer.

The Cart Notice app is not available for Cart Drawers / Ajax Carts due to technical and design reasons. You can find more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

[Q] What happens once the countdown timer reaches zero? Will it delete the products of the customer to cart?

[A] No. The Cart Notice app only provides a sense of urgency for the visitors, but it will not delete the products from the customer's cart. Once the cart notice timer expires, it will just disappear.

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