Setting up the Currency Converter app

Here comes a universal truth: no one likes surprise fees or hidden costs. If your visitors don’t know how much they’re spending, they’re unlikely to make it to the end of the checkout process. Yes, forcing customers to calculate exchange rates is a quick way to lose sales 💔.

The Currency Converter in Vitals provides real-time, automatic currency conversion based on the location of your visitors.

The Currency Converter app in Vitals is one of our flagship apps, and setting it up correctly it's vital for every merchant.

💡 Before you begin - Check if your store is using the official Currency Format. Ensure first that your store is using the official currency formatting for our Currency Converter app to work. For the steps, you can go here: Change Currency Formatting in Shopify Settings

We follow Shopify's recommended best practice not to modify your theme files - so install with total confidence.

Basic Settings

Our Currency Converter app can simply be enabled, and it would seamlessly work right away. However, should you like to finetune some settings, below are some important options you can look into inside the app's settings:


Simply put, this contains the list of currencies that will appear inside the Currency Converter app when it appears on your store as a currency switcher. From here you can add and remove specific currencies, or you can add every currency available in Shopify.

⚠️ Be careful in adding all currencies to the widget. While it does not provide a significant impact on store speed, it might provide a confusing user experience to your visitors - as they need to scroll over a long list of currencies to find theirs.

We recommend only adding the currencies according to your expected visitors. Besides, with our Currency Converter app also automatically changing the currency according to the visitor's location, their currency will automatically be selected regardless, without them scrolling to look for it.

Currency Switcher Placement

You can change here how you would like the currency switcher to appear on your store, like its positioning, option to make it only appear on desktop and/or mobile, and the option to hide the flags.

You can even change some colors of the currency switcher as well - allowing the app to be flexible and fit to your store's branding and theme.

💡 Want to place the currency switcher on your navigation bar? Our support team would be glad to help you with this. Simply contact us with your desired location and we'll wrap it up for you.

Conversion Options

In this section contains some specific settings of the Currency Converter app's behavior. Below are some settings of interest:

Automatically convert currency based on location

This is enabled by default. With this setting enabled, our Currency Converter app will automatically switch the store's currency according to the visitor's location, allowing your store to show the price to your visitor according to their familiar currency.

Only convert automatically if the user's currency is listed above

If the "Automatically convert currency based on location" is enabled but this is disabled, the currency of the visitor's location would automatically be added to the currency switcher. However, if you enable this option, the currency will only be converted to the visitor's location if the currency is part of the added currencies in the switcher.

For example, if you only have USD, CAD, and AUD inside your currency switcher (with USD being the default currency), but a visitor from the United Kingdom visits the store, and this option is enabled, they will see the prices in the default currency (USD) instead of their region's currency (GBP).

Round decimals

When this is enabled, our Currency Converter app will automatically round off to the nearest decimal format that you will set. However, this will only make the prices appear that way in the storefront and this would not affect the final order value (as the final order value will still use the prices of the products you set on your store).

🛑 Note that this feature is not available for stores that have multiple currencies enabled, like using Shopify Payments Multi-Currency and Shopify Markets, as Shopify fully takes over the rounding rules.

Cart Notice

And last but not least is the Cart Notice. If your store only has one currency enabled (the currency that the final orders will use), you can enable this to let your customers know that when they check out, their order will use your default currency and not the currency they are seeing.

For example, if they selected GBP as the currency during their visit but your store only processes orders in USD, this cart notice will appear on the cart page before checkout as a notice. Here you can change its formatting and color.

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