Sending your captured leads to Klaviyo

Collect email addresses using the Spin the Wheel, Pop-ups, or Email Capture Bar apps in Vitals. When visitors add their email addresses, these are automatically uploaded to Shopify in your customers' list. All leads are tagged with vitals.

You can also integrate the app with Klaviyo to have your collected leads sent there as well. Please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Klaviyo dashboard.
  2. From the top bar drop-down menu, click Account.
  3. Click on the Settings tab and select API Keys.
  4. Click on Create API Key under "Private API Keys'.
  5. Label the Private API Key you've just created with Vitals to trace the source of data easily.
  6. Copy and paste the Private API Key (the one starting with pk_) into Vitals' Integrations section to connect your Klaviyo account.

Don't try to add your Public API Key / Site ID - Klaviyo explains this:

You can generate new Private API Keys for different application uses. This can help trace the source of data being added to your Klaviyo account via the API. For example, you may have an API key used to integrate with your eCommerce platform, and an API Key used to integrate with a shipping or helpdesk application.
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