Questions about Integrating with Klaviyo

I successfully integrated my Klaviyo account to the Vitals app. However, the emails captured are not being added to my selected Klaviyo list. What's wrong?

This might be caused by Klaviyo's Double Opt-in feature, enabled by default on most Klaviyo profiles.

How this feature works is that when an email address is captured on Shopify and is detected by Klaviyo, it will send an initial message to the email address first, asking the recipient to confirm the subscription. Once the recipient receives and agrees to that opt-in email, that is the time that the email address will be successfully subscribed to the selected Klaviyo list.

To know more about this feature and how to disable/enable it, you can read more on Klaviyo's Help Center here: Guide to The Double Opt-In Process.

Can we use the Public API key from Klaviyo to connect to Vitals instead?

Klaviyo does not recommend this, as Klaviyo's purpose of its Private API keys is for different application uses. For more information about this, you may read more on Klaviyo's Help Center here: How to manage your account's API keys

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