Product Reviews Carousel not showing on your Homepage?

Is the Reviews Carousel not showing on your homepage? Consider the following areas to check to ensure that the Product Reviews Carousel shows up properly.

  1. If you sent text-only reviews to the Carousel, make sure to use the correct layout.

    If text reviews are only sent to the Reviews Carousel, it will only appear if the layout mode is set to Text Cards or Testimonial:

    If you select Image Cards as the current layout, the Reviews Carousel will only appear if the reviews sent to the Carousel have photos with them.

  2. Check if the Reviews carousel is set to show reviews automatically.

    By default, the Product Reviews Carousel is set to automatically display the most recent 5-star reviews received by your store.

    However, if you would like to select which reviews will be displayed, you may need to set it to Manual, via the Product Reviews app's settings:

    If you set it to Manual, you have to select which reviews to be shown by the Reviews Carousel, up to 15 reviews.

    To send reviews to the Reviews Carousel manually, simply select those reviews and select the "Send to Carousel" option on the menu that appears:

    Reviews that are sent to the carousel will have the "Carousel" tag:

  1. Ensure that the Product Reviews app is enabled.
  • As the Reviews Carousel is part of the Product Reviews app, the app itself should be activated first.
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