Product Description Tabs not appearing?

Already enabled the Product Description Tabs app but it is not showing on your product pages? Check the list below to see if your product's description section follows the necessary requirements.

  1. Check if you have another product description tab system on your product pages.

Most of the issues that arise related to the Vitals Product Description Tabs app is that another tab feature is also modifying the product page's description section, resulting in a conflict. You may check the following areas to disable them:

    • Some Shopify themes already have it enabled by default. You may need to check your theme settings via your Shopify Theme Editor to disable this feature.
    • Some dedicated Shopify apps like SmartTabs turn your product description into tabs. Consider disabling them to ensure that the Vitals Product Description Tabs app will not have any conflict.

  1. If your product page is created by a Page Builder, the product description might be highly customized.

Our Product Description Tabs app is compatible with almost all of the Shopify themes offered on the Shopify Theme Store. However, if a Page Builder was used to create the layout of the product page (like PageFly, Shogun, or GemPages) the overall layout and structure of the product page are going to be highly customized, and our Product Description Tabs app may not recognize it at first.

If your product page was created with a Page Builder, you can contact our support team for additional assistance so that we can customize the app and try to support your product page's unique structure.

For more information about our scope of support with stores created with Page Builders, you may refer here: Themes and Page Builder Support

  1. The Vitals Product Description Tabs app only works if the product page has a product description.

At its core, the main purpose of the Product Description Tabs app is to turn your product's description into a tab system, making the information highly organized and structured for easier reading by your visitors. As our Product Description Tabs app cannot generate the product description on its own, the product pages on your store should have their own product description section for it to work.

💡 If you created Static tabs inside our Product Description Tabs app, these static tabs will only appear if your product page has a verified product description section.

If all of these are checked and properly verified, and yet the Product Description Tabs app still not appears on your product pages, contact our support team for additional assistance. We're always here to help! 😊

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