Is the Vitals app compatible with Shopify's new One-Page Checkout?

Shopify might have sent an email your way that your store has been selected to have early access on Shopify's new One-Page Checkout system. Our Vitals app completely works with this new update. Below are some specific details about this new checkout experience.

What is the One-Page Checkout?

Simply put, the new one-page Checkout of Shopify simplifies the Checkout process by placing all the Checkout steps on one page. Currently, a standard Shopify Checkout process consists of the following pages:

  1. Customer's Contact and Address Information Page
  2. Payment Information Page
  3. Shipping Options page

With the new One-Page Checkout (currently on early access), stores can have all of these steps in one page, making the checkout process more seamless and simple, with all necessary information to be entered in one single page.

What Vitals apps are affected by this change?

No Vitals apps are affected by this change. For one, Shopify apps have not been allowed to run on Checkout page for a long time, hence all of our Vitals apps are built to not depend on it.

However, some Vitals modules interact with the Checkout app to an extent, like the following:

  • Generation of discount codes by the Vitals Upsell Builder app
  • Email Marketing app's verification if the checkout was abandoned by the customer (to send "Abandoned Checkout" emails automatically).

Since these processes are done and checked before the Checkout phase (specifically on the cart page), even if the store uses the One-Page Checkout system, Vitals apps will still run normally and are unaffected.

Does my store have One-Page Checkout?

It is currently on early access, and only selected merchants were informed to have it implemented.

For more information about store eligibility to have Shopify's One-Page Checkout and other information related to it, you can go to Shopify's dedicated Help Center article about it here:

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