Want to know what Vitals data is backed up after uninstall?

Are you planning to uninstall the Vitals app temporarily but will reinstall in the near future? Know which types of Vitals data are saved for a certain period and which ones are permanently deleted to follow Shopify's Data Privacy Guidelines.

What is deleted after 30 days from the day of Vitals app uninstallation:

  • Product Reviews
  • Email Marketing subscribers
    • Email Delivery analytics
  • Push Marketing subscribers
  • Wishlist events
  • Visitor Replays recordings * (note that each recording in the Visitor Replays app is automatically deleted 30 days after its recording date, even if the app is still installed)

What is backed up after 30 days from the day of Vitals app uninstallation:

  • Different changes of settings that are made within the apps
  • Specific items created within the Vitals apps (called "app items") like the following:
    • Pop-ups created within the Pop-ups app
    • Upsell offers created inside the Upsell Builder app
    • Individual Product sets created inside the Related Products app
    • Announcement bars created within the Announcement Bars app

💡 If a product that is part of an app item is already deleted at the time of app reinstallation, the app item will still be seen, but the deleted product will show as "Deleted Product" instead of its product image.

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