Stock Scarcity app not seen on your store?

Did you enable the Stock Scarcity app, but it is not appearing on your product pages? You can check the list of items below to ensure that the Stock Scarcity app appears properly.

💡 Stock scarcity app appears but in the wrong place? You can change its location anywhere on your theme directly from your Shopify Theme Editor! For steps, you can refer to this article: Using the Shopify Theme Editor to change Vitals app locations

  1. Is the selected variant's stock less than the threshold within the app's settings?
  • With its default settings, the Stock Scarcity app would only appear for a selected variant if its stock value is less than 50.
  • However, this can be changed by going to the app's settings and changing the value under "Show urgency box when variant inventory is below:"

  1. Is the selected variant's stock 0 or less?
  • With its default settings, the Stock Scarcity app would only appear if there is at least one stock left.
  • If you would like this app to appear even if the stock is 0 and below, you can enable the option "Show widget when variant is out of stock but still purchasable." inside the app's settings:

  • Please be informed that besides enabling this option, the product should have the "Continue selling when out of stock" option selected via your Shopify admin > Products.

💡 Be careful of placing false stock values! It is highly recommended to display the real number of stocks of your variants to follow Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy.

  1. Do other enabled Vitals apps not appear besides the Stock Scarcity app?
  • In such rare cases, there might be a conflict with the Vitals app itself. contact our support team for assistance.
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