CSV file not importing?

Did you import a CSV file to our Product Reviews app containing product reviews, but it showed an error message? You can check the list below for pointers on how to ensure that the CSV file you will import is free from errors and be imported successfully:

  1. Is the CSV file downloaded from a different Shopify review app?
    • Our Product Reviews app can directly accept CSV files downloaded from the following Shopify apps:
      • JudgeMe
      • Ryviu
      • Growave
      • Loox
      • Shopify Product Reviews
      • Stamped
      • Yotpo
    • If the CSV file containing the reviews is downloaded from any of the Shopify apps above, ensure that the CSV file is immediately imported to our Product Reviews app without opening it first, as opening the file first might corrupt the structure depending on the software used to open it.
  1. Is the official CSV template of Vitals used?
    • If the CSV is not from the Shopify apps listed above, you can still import reviews using a CSV file using our official CSV reviews template.
    • To download this CSV template and guidance of how to fill it up, you may go to this article: Importing product reviews from a CSV file
  1. Is the CSV file in the proper format?

Consider checking the following file properties to ensure that the file is a verified CSV file:

    • File extension should be in .csv, and not .csv.xlsx or others (The Windows OS normally hides the file extension, and what you may see as having .csv initially has a completely different file extension.
    • We do not recommend using Mac's Numbers program to create and save CSV files as they corrupt the data and render the file unusable. We recommend using OpenOffice or LibreOffice instead.
  1. Are the product_handle/s inside the CSV file correct?
    • One of the common issues why a CSV file is not imported properly is the incorrect placement of the product_handle inside the CSV file.
    • The product_handle is the identifying string of your product. This is found in the product page's URL.

    • In the example above, https://shop.vitals.co/products/ladies-short-sleeve-t-shirt, the corresponding product_handle is ladies-short-sleeve-t-shirt.
  1. Are the reviews inside the CSV file do not contain any text as a review body?
    • To help build trust, our Product Reviews app can only receive reviews from a CSV file if the reviews have helpful review text within. If the body column in the CSV file is empty, the CSV file may not be imported.
  1. Contact our support team for additional assistance.
    • If all of the parameters above are followed correctly, yet the CSV file is not importing properly, contact us, and we'd be glad to help inspect the CSV file for you.
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