Importing Reviews from AlIExpress not working?

Not achieving success when importing reviews from AliExpress and making them appear on your store? Check the list below to see if the AliExpress link that you used is expected to provide the reviews listed.

  1. Is the AliExpress link that you used end with .html?
  • Often times, when AliExpress provides links, it contains other parameters besides the actual link:

  • Kindly ensure that the AliExpress link you will use is only up until .html, as the additional parameters are not needed.
  1. Does the product in the AliExpress link only contain reviews with star ratings?
  • Our Product Reviews app does not import reviews from AlIExpress that don't have any text or images, as we deem that these ratings-only reviews may appear too artificial and may not properly build trust from your visitors.
  1. Does the product in the AliExpress link contain enough reviews?
  • Consider getting products from AliExpress, which has dozens of reviews, so that you have more options. What's good with AliExpress is that most of the time, they host the same products but under different suppliers, with each having its own number of reviews.
  • There's also a possibility that the reviews in the AliExpress product page you visited are cached reviews, and in reality, the reviews are not yet in their database (where we fetch the reviews directly). For more information, you may refer to this article: 📌 Cached AliExpress reviews
  1. Is the AliExpress being used already utilized in a previous instance?
  • As part of our continuous efforts to optimize our app, if an AliExpress link was already used before and tried to be used again rapidly, the reviews may not reflect right away to avoid severe server congestion.
  • You can search AliExpress for a link to another similar product with reviews if you want to add more, or you can wait for a few hours and try using the same link again.
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