Vitals apps not appearing on your store?

Are your enabled Vitals apps not showing up on your store? As each Vitals app has their own unique behavior in displaying, consider checking the following checklist below to ensure that the Vitals app in question is working as expected:

  1. Is the Vitals app already embedded via your Shopify Theme Editor?
  • Upon installation of the Vitals app or changing of the theme, third-party apps need to be enabled via the Shopify Theme Editor. For a step-by-step procedure, you may go to this article here: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed
  1. Is the Vitals app currently set to "Active"?
  • As a way to help Shopify store owners test the Vitals app first before showing them publicly, we have an operating mode for this called "Preview". To switch back to "Active" (so that the Vitals apps will appear publicly again, simply navigate through the top of your Vitals Dashboard to change it. For more information about this, you may refer to this article: Understanding The Vitals Operating Modes
  1. What page are you currently viewing where the Vitals app is expected?
  • Some of our apps are exclusively built to only work on the product page, as this page type receives a lot of traffic. Some apps, like the Product Reviews app, needs additional steps to have it displayed on the Homepage. For more information on which apps appear on what page, you may go to this article here: Changing the placement of an app - Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Are you expecting our Vitals apps to appear on the Checkout page?
  • Due to Shopify's restriction, third-party apps like Vitals are not allowed to run on the Checkout page. This is in place for the security and privacy of the operations being done on this highly sensitive page (like the customer's personal and payment information).
  1. Are you using a Page Builder to create your pages?
  • If the pages of your store were created with Page Builders (PageFly, Gempages, eComposer, to name a few), the Vitals app might not appear by default right away due to the highly custom nature of how these pages are built. But don't worry. The majority of our visual Vitals apps have their respective equivalent HTML snippets - which you can use to inject on your Page Editor for precise location. For more information on how page builders work and how it affects our apps, you may refer to this article: Themes and Page Builder support. You can also contact us about this for additional assistance.

  1. Was the store's current them recently updated by developers?
  • There are some recent reports that we have received where, due to changes of developers inside your theme files, our app might have been affected as well. Some of the reports we received are where developers manually injected our app code into the theme files (which we 100% never do - all of our Vitals app's code is in one external file, separate from your theme files).
  • For this highly isolated situation, you can confirm first with the developer you worked with to see if they can undo the changes related to our Vitals app, and just ensure that our app is embedded within your Shopify Theme Editor.

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