Currency Converter app not working?

Currency Converter app not properly doing currency conversions on your store's pages? Check the items below to see if they are properly set up.

  1. Is your store's Currency Formatting properly changed to the correct values?
  • For the Currency Converter app to work properly, the store's Currency Formatting values should be properly set first.
  • For a step-by-step procedure about this critical setting, you may refer here: How to prepare your store for Currency Conversion
  1. Does your store have another Currency Converter app?
  • Ensure that your store does not have any other currency conversion services besides our Currency Converter app to avoid conflict. Other currency conversion features can appear in your menu drawer or your footer.
  • If you recently uninstalled a different currency conversion app, it might still be running on your store via its leftover code. If that happens, you may need to contact your theme developer for its removal.
  1. Are you also looking to have the currency converted on your Checkout page?
  • Our Currency Converter app can only convert prices appearing on all store pages except the Checkout page, as Shopify is in full control of that page (for security and privacy concerns).
  • If you are looking to have visitors checkout using their currency, you may explore the Shopify Markets feature.
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