Want to change the Pop-up app's colors?

Changing the Pop-up app's colors is easy to do via the app's settings. Below are the steps:

  1. Search for the Pop-ups app and create your Pop-up:

  1. Simply change the colors using the available color options.

And you're all finished! Changing the Pop-up app's colors is a must to properly fit in your brand!

💡 Looking to use a background image instead? If you are looking to have a custom background for the Pop-up, you can contact our support team and we'd be glad to help! Just be ready with the background image that you would like to use and already uploaded to your Shopify admin > Content > Files (Recommended resolution for the image is 800x600)

For more information on how to upload images to your Shopify store, refer to this Shopify Help Center article: Uploading and managing files

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