Fully-integrated apps

All Vitals apps are built to function perfectly with each other. They don't overlap (you might have seen some stores with popups over popups), and even more, they are deeply integrated in terms of features. For instance, to name just a few:

  • Product reviews can be displayed in tabs and show up for product listings within different apps, such as Product Bundles, Sticky Add to Cart, Recently Viewed, or Related Products.
  • The Currency Converter app in Vitals doesn't only convert prices on the store but also fees generated by all other Vitals apps, such as the discount cart total calculation after our upsell apps apply a discount.
  • We analyze the cart when both the Product Bundles and the Volume Discounts are enabled. If the visitor is eligible for one or more bundle discounts and volume discounts, we merge them into a single discount code and offer the combined discount. At the same time, when one or multiple products can be assigned either a bundle discount or a volume discount, we always pick the offer that provides the client with the highest discount amount.
  • The Sticky Add to Cart knows when a product is pre-orderable, and the Add to Cart button text is modified accordingly.
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