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Frequently asked questions about the Vitals Product Reviews app. Displaying product reviews on the homepage, Importing reviews from AlIExpress, and other Product Reviews app questions are found here.

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I added reviews to my product from AliExpress, but they are not appearing.

One possible reason why this happens is that the reviews found in AliExpress are still cached, and not yet synced to their database where our app directly acquires the reviews from. For more information about this known issue, you can refer to this article.

I want to display my reviews on the homepage.

This is possible by following a series of simple steps. Check out this great article for more details: Displaying featured reviews on the homepage

I made some changes inside the Product Reviews app, but the changes are not showing on the store.

After making a series of changes to the Product Reviews app, kindly allow up to 5 minutes for our app to fully sync these updates before confirming on the storefront the result of these changes.

I deleted/unpublished a product, and now its reviews are gone.

The reviews you have imported or added for your products in the Product Reviews app will only be visible in the list as long as the product is published.

If you are unpublishing a product from Shopify (say you're making changes, duplicating it, etc.), the reviews will not show anymore in the app.

Please keep in mind that the Product Reviews app will save your reviews for unpublished products, and therefore if you publish the product again, the reviews will be visible again.

I clicked the “Export” button inside the Product Reviews app to download my reviews, but I did not receive anything.

Depending on the size of the CSV file to be sent, it may take up to 30 minutes before the email is received. Also, kindly ensure that the email address is valid and able to accept emails (inbox not full, no limited/whitelisted domains, etc).

Alternatively, you can contact us anytime and we would be glad to send you the CSV file containing the reviews of the Product Reviews app right away!

I would like to copy reviews from one of my products to another product.

This can be done by following the steps on this link: Duplicating and moving reviews between products

If you need more guidance about this process, contact us through the support beacon and provide us with the CSV file you're trying to create, together with the product link where the reviews are, and the product link where the reviews are going to be copied. Our support team will use these parameters to troubleshoot and decide on the next steps.

Can I import reviews from Amazon?

Our Product Reviews app does not have native integration with Amazon reviews, as this is against Amazon's Conditions of Use

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