Questions about changing the placement of a Vitals app

Frequently asked questions about placing the Vitals apps on your store, with step-by-step guides. Questions about app placement in Page Builders (ex. PageFly, GemPages, Zipify) are also found here.

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How can I change the location of a Vitals app from my Shopify theme editor?

For OS 2.0 Shopify themes like the default Dawn theme, it is now much easier to change the location of Vitals apps!

Their position can be changed directly inside the Shopify theme editor:

  1. From the Shopify > Admin > Online Store > Themes, click Customize
  2. While customizing the Page you want
    1. Click Add section or Add block.
    2. Select the Vitals app you want to add to the page.
    3. Place the section where you would like the app to be placed.
    4. Save the changes.

See how it can be done below:

If your theme is not yet supporting the new OS 2.0 theme feature, don’t worry! You can still change the position of our Vitals apps using our Vitals Theme Editor integrated into the Vitals app. For more information on how to use this tool, you can refer to this page: Changing the position of an app

I enabled a Vitals app, but it is not showing anywhere. What's going on?

With the recent Shopify changes, you may need to verify if the Vitals app is enabled on your Shopify Theme Editor's App Embed section. You may refer here for additional information: Enabling the Vitals app via App Embed

I enabled a Vitals app, but it is not showing on the homepage. What’s going on?

All of our Vitals apps work out-of-the-box and get displayed immediately. However, there are some Vitals apps that cannot be rendered on non-product pages like the homepage.

Without going into technical details, the difference between the homepage and the product page is that even though they are visually similar, they are constructed differently and some critical elements are missing from the homepage compared to the product page that our apps need to function correctly.

For a list of Vitals apps that work on the homepage, you can check out this article.

I enabled a Vitals app but it is not showing on my product page. Can this be fixed?

Whenever a Vitals app is enabled, we automatically attempt to automatically place the widgets on the page, in their most suitable position. However, as there are a lot of themes and theme versions, it is impossible to achieve a flawless and robust system that can do this on every theme and theme version.

If an app is not appearing on your store, consider using other options for app placement. You may refer to this article for options.

I created my page using PageFly. How can I change the location of the Vitals apps?

Some of our primary Vitals apps are integrated inside the PageFly page builder, where you can insert them with ease. For more information and steps on how to insert selected Vitals apps inside the PageFly page builder, you can refer to their Help Center here: PageFly Help Center - Vitals Integrations

List of Vitals apps directly integrated inside the PageFly Page Builder

  • Product Reviews app (inside the “Reviews and Rating” section)
  • Trust Seals and Badges app (inside the “Badges and Seals” section)
  • Product Bundles, Volume Discounts (inside the “Upsell and Cross-Sell” section)
  • Stock Scarcity app (inside the “Upsell-and Cross-Sell” section)

For other Vitals apps that are not found inside PageFly’s page builder (or if you are using other Page Builders), you can use the specific Vitals app’s HTML snippet instead for a more precise location. For more information on where to locate a Vitals app’s equivalent HTML snippet and how to use it, you can refer to this page: Adding the HTML Snippet in a Theme's Code

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